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Zōhō (藏鋒, ぞうほう, lit. “hidden spear”)

The “hidden spear”. A calligraphy brush technique dependent on delivering a smooth and round line (known in Japanese as enpitsu; (円筆), lit. “rounded brush”), achieved by “hiding” the sharp “spear” of the brush tip inside the line of a stroke, making it look rounded and smooth. Zōhō is a basic technique for writing seal script (篆書, てんしょ, tensho), but also it is applied in other scripts (like cursive script (草書, そうしょ, sōsho)). Zōhō technique delivers very powerful lines, that retain the energy inside the brushstroke. Further, this technique requires a special brush operation, i.e. the brush handle needs to be kept at 90 degrees to the paper surface at all times. The opposite technique to 蔵鋒 is 露鋒 (ろほう, rohō, lit. “exposed spear”), which reveals the sharp tip of the brush tuft in the brushstroke.

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