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Yōmō fude (羊毛筆, ようもうふで)

The Chinese goat hair brush (and not a sheep brush like many sources erroneously suggest). These brushes are flexible, soft and very absorbent, but not nearly as responsive as those made of weasel hair (鼬毛筆, いたちけふで, itachike fude). The best hairs used for manufacturing these brushes are nearly transparent and amber, with sort of a yellow-brown shade to them. They are difficult to control, and therefore not recommended for beginners. Soft brushes used skillfully deliver very interesting and, to an extent, unpredictable lines. Yōmō brushes are the most expensive of all. Long and thick, made of soft superb quality wool, they can easily cost over $15,000 USD each. Japanese goat hair brushes are of inferior quality due to lower flexibility of the hairs, for which reason the hair for their production is generally imported from China. To read more about various brush types, please click here.

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