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Suzuriku (硯区, すずりく, lit. “inkstone border”)

A symbolic part of the inkstone, a border (lit. “inkstone” 硯, “section” 区) separating two worlds of Yin (陰, Chinese: yīn, i.e. “shadow”) and Yang (陽, Chinese: yáng, i.e. “sun”). Yin is symbolised by the place where the hardened ink is prepared by rubbing it with water, called the “ink temple” (墨堂, ぼくどう, bokudō). The Yang element is the supple, shiny ink, ready to be used for writing, which is stored in the “ink pond” (墨池, ぼくち, bokuchi). Please read more here about the inkstones.

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Page last modified on November 15, 2011, at 04:42 AM