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Shikishi (色紙, しきし, lit. “coloured paper”)

Shikishi literally means “coloured paper”. There are two main types of shikishi:

For writing calligraphy or ink painting. This type of shikishi can be either white (with coloured edges, usually golden), or coloured, with various designs printed or hand-painted on it. It’s of a rectangular shape shape, and made of calligraphy paper glued on a 2-3 millimetres thick cardboard. Typical shikishi is 242 mm × 272 mm

Washi (和紙, わし, i.e. “Japanese paper”) of various colours. Hand-made coloured washi for kana (かな) can reach a high price, even up to $200 USD per A3 size sheet.

Shikishi is not to be confused with irogami (色紙, いろがみ, lit. “coloured paper”). You will notice that the kanji used in both irogami and shikishi words are the same, yet their readings and meanings differ.

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Page last modified on November 14, 2011, at 01:36 AM