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Sheng Tsao (聖草, Chiense: Shèng cǎo)

Shèng cǎo means “sage of cursive script”, and it’s the title given to the legendary Zhang Zhi (張芝, Zhāng Zhī, 2nd Century C.E.), the most renowned master of sōsho (草書, そうしょ, cursive script), who lived during the la\modern cursive script, called今草 (Chinese: jīn cǎo, i.e. “modern draft (i.e. “modern cursive script”)”), or こんそう, konsō in Japanese, which was further developed later on by王羲之 (Wáng Xīzhī, 303 – 361), during Jin dynasty (晉朝, 265 - 420 C.E.).

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Page last modified on November 14, 2011, at 01:32 AM