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She Inkstone (歙硯, Chinese: Shè yàn)

One of the four most famous inkstones in China. The other three are: Duan inkstone (端硯, Chinese: Duān yàn) from Guandong province (広東省), Taohe inkstone (洮河硯, Chinese: Táohé yàn) from Gansu province (甘粛省), and Chengni inkstone (澄泥硯, Chinese: Chéng ní yàn) from Shandong province (山東省). She inkstone is the second highest quality after Duan inkstone. It is most commonly black, naturally sprayed with sparkling markings that resemble a night sky, and painted in bright stars. She inkstones are made in Anhui province (安徽省).

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