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Shandong province (山東省, Chinese: Shān Dōng shěng)

A province in China famous for Chengni inkstone (澄泥硯, Chinese: Chéng ní yàn), one of the four most famous inkstones in China. The other three are: Duan inkstone (端硯, Chinese: Duān yàn) from Guandong province (広東省), She inkstone (歙硯, Chinese: Shè yàn) from Anhui province (安徽省), and Taohe inkstone (洮河硯, Chinese: Táohé yàn) from Gansu province (甘粛省). Chengni inkstone is the only one out of those four that is not carved out of stone, but crafted from Yellow River silt. Chengni inkstones are often richly decorated with beautiful carvings. Please click here to read more about inkstones.

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