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Sen (尖, せん, i.e. “pointed”)

One of four virtues, according to which brush is to be chosen. The remaining three are: 斉 (せい, sei, i.e. “similar (uniform)”), 健 (けん, ken, i.e. “healthy”), and円 (えん, en, i.e. “round”). 尖in Japanese means “to be pointed”, or “sharp”. It means that the brush tip must be sharp and pointed. There should be no irregularities in symmetry or thickness the tip of the tuft hair. This is especially important for brushes used for writing that requires precision (fine lines in sumi-e, standard script, small scale calligraphy, etc.). Pointed healthy tip of the brush is equipped with so called “hairs of life” (命毛, いのちげ, inochige). Please click here to read more about the calligraphy brush.

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