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Rhinoceros horn (犀角, さいかく, saikaku)

Also known as 掠 (りゃく, ryaku, i.e. “to skim” or “to sweep”). One of the eight basic strokes of the standard script (楷書, かいしょ, kaisho), also referred to as 永字八法 (えいじはっぽう, eiji happō i.e. “The Eight Principles of The Character 永 (i.e. “eternity”)”. One of the meanings of the character 掠is “to graze”, like the non-lethal cut of an expert swordsman. The name “rhinoceros horn” comes from the shape of the stroke resembling a rhino’s horn. This stroke can be described as a curved sweep, sharpening gradually towards its end, arriving at the shape of a rhino’s horn, hence the name. “Rhinoceros horn” is a much stronger and massive stroke than the “peck” (啄, たく, taku). To read more about kaisho, please click here.

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