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Pine soot based ink (松煙墨、しょうえんぼく, shōen boku)

One of two main types of hardened ink (固形墨,こけいぼく, kokei boku). The other one is yuen boku (油煙墨,ゆえんぼく, i.e. “oil lampblack based ink”). Pine soot particles are not of a uniform size, which makes its production more complicated, as well as more expensive. It also results in an unpredictable shading of ink (墨色, ぼくしょく, bokushoku), to a degree, which is considered the natural beauty of pine soot ink. Pine soot ink’s colour is lighter than that of oil lamblack ink, and it produces unforgettable and absolutely stunning multi-layer blurs on the paper while writing. The price of aged pine soot ink (please refer to古墨 (こぼく, koboku, i.e. “aged ink”)) can reach a few thousand dollars or even more.

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Page last modified on November 02, 2011, at 10:45 AM