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Peck (啄, たく, taku)

The seventh of eight fundamental strokes of kaisho (楷書, かいしょ, standard script), which are collectively known as 永字八法 (えいじはっぽう, eiji happō, i.e. “The Eight Principles of The Character 永” (i.e. eternity)). The name “taku” comes from the shape of the stroke which resembles a “bird’s peck” (鳥啄, ちょうたく, chōtaku). Performing this stroke, one ought to picture a woodpecker (啄木鳥, きつつき, kitsutsuki lit. “a bird that pecks trees”) striking a tree with its beak. “Taku” is much finer and more delicate than the “rhino’s horn” stroke.

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