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O-ie ryū (御家流, おいえりゅう)

One of the Japanese styles of calligraphy. Until the Edo period (江戸時代, えどじだい, 1603-1868) both schools; wayō shodō and karayō shodō coexisted quite harmoniously, but in the early 17th century, Japan entered a long period of cultural isolation. During those years a new style based on和様書道 (わようしょどう, wayō shodō, i.e. “Japanese style calligraphy”) was created, known as御家流 (o-ie ryū, おいえりゅう, lit. “noble family style”). It was also called the “samurai family style”, and was pursued in the famous Terakoya school (寺子屋, てらこや), offering education to children born to middle class families. Please click here to read more about history of Japanese calligraphy.

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