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Maki fude (巻き筆, まきふで, lit. “wrapped brush”)

There are two leading brush making methods, and maki fude is a result of the more traditional one. The main difference between the brush form commonly known today and maki fude is that the hairs of maki fude are strengthened with special hemp paper wrapping. Maki fude was popular in Japan until the17th century when a scholar, 細井広沢 (ほそい こうたく, Hosoi Kōtaku, 1658 – 1735), introduced a new brush type which has been used until the modern era. Today, maki fude are utilized mostly during Shintō (神道, しんとう, “divine path” or “the way of God”) religious ceremonies.

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Page last modified on November 02, 2011, at 09:50 AM