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“Mad Zhang and Crazy Monk” (張顛狂僧, Chinese: Zhāng diān kuáng sēng)

A reference to two outstanding calligraphers of the Tang dynasty (唐朝, 618 - 907). One of them was 張旭 (Zhāng Xù, unfortunately, the exact dates of his birth and death are unknown) and the other, a monk named 懷素 (Huái Sù, 737 – 799). They both enjoyed drinking wine, and then writing calligraphy while intoxicated. Anytime one of them appeared during a drinking session, the host prepared paper and ink, just in case they started writing. Zhāng Xù’s and Huái Sù’s specialty was cursive script. Zhāng Xù was the creator of Kuang cao (狂草, Chinese: kuáng cǎo, i.e. “mad draft”). To read more about cursive script, please click here.

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