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Kaiseki (怪石, かいせき, i.e. “oddly shaped stone”)

One of the eight basic strokes of the standard script (楷書, かいしょ, kaisho), often referred to as 永字八法 (えいじはっぽう, eiji happō, lit. “eight principles of the character 永” (i.e. eternity)). Kaiseki is also known as “ soku” (側, そく, lit. “vicinity”, or in Chinese: “to incline towards”) or “ten” (点, てん) – “a dot”. The name “oddly shaped stone” comes from the appearance of the stroke, resembling a small rounded rock. There are dozens of ways of writing dots and despite the fact that it may not seem such a demanding brush stroke, it is in fact extremely difficult to write expressively and creatively. To read more about standard script please click here.

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