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Itachike fude (鼬毛筆, いたちけ ふで)

Weasel hair (鼬毛, いたちけ, itachike) brush (筆, ふで, fude) – one of the few types of brushes commonly used in calligraphy. It has exactly the opposite characteristics as a goat hair brush (羊毛筆, ようもう ふで, yōumō fude). Weasel hairs are hard yet amazingly flexible. Even if fully loaded with ink the brush’s tip will move fast and with accuracy. Weasel hair brushes are not cheap, though they are not as expensive as yōumō ones. For brush making, weasel torso hairs are used. There are three main countries which supply weasel hair: China, Japan and Korea. The best quality hairs are from Chinese weasels (the hairs are the most flexible, the longest and with the most durable hair ends). Weasel hair brushes are perfect for kaisho (楷書, かいしょ, standard script) and cursive scripts (行書, ぎょうしょ, gyōsho and 草書, そうしょ, sōsho), where the responsiveness of the hairs is crucial for executing accurate and vivid strokes.

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