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Image of ink (墨象, ぼくしょう, bokushō)

Image of ink is nothing but avant-garde calligraphy (前衛書道, ぜんえいしょどう, zenei shodō). The idea of avant-garde calligraphy deviates from the traditional approach to writing which consists of studying and repeating ancient styles (five core traditional Chinese styles: seal script, clerical script, cursive script, standard script and semi-cursive script), and suggests a much more free and unrestrained way of expressing oneself through creating an “image of ink” (墨象). In other words, zenei shodou ought to surpass any barriers of time, space and aesthetics, and unleash the most subconscious and abstract feelings or spiritual states of the moment. The originators of this trend were a few master calligraphers from the early 20th century, who cultivated further what grand master Hidai Tenrai (比田井天来, ひだいてんらい, 1872 - 1939) who is known today as “ the father of modern calligraphy”, initiated in the 19th century.

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