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Ichiji ippa (一字一波, いちじ いっぱ)

Each character of clerical script (隷書, れいしょ, reisho) usually consists of one horizontal line that has both elements: “silkworm head” and a “goose tail” (蠶頭雁尾, さんとうがんお, santō gan-o). It is not random within the character where such a stroke is incorporated. There are also rare exceptions where more than one of these strokes is allowed. This rule is known as 一字一波, i.e. “one character, one wave”, from the wavy movement of the hand at the end of the horizontal stroke. Once this technique is mastered, it means that one has learned the basics of clerical script.

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Page last modified on October 27, 2011, at 06:29 PM