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Hidden spear (藏鋒, ぞうほう, zōhō)

A brush technique applied in some calligraphy styles, but mainly in seal script (篆書, てんしょ, tensho). Writing characters in seal script requires a lot of skill and practice, as well as superb brush control through applying a technique known in Japanese as enpitsu (円筆, えんぴつ, lit. “rounded brush”) dependent on delivering a smooth and round line, that can be achieved through “hiding” the sharp “spear” of the brush tip, (formed by the hairs of the tuft), inside the line of a stroke, making them look rounded and smooth. In other words, the brush ought to be held at 90 degrees to the paper surface, which assists in keeping the brush tip in the middle of the line, regardless of which direction we may write.

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Page last modified on October 24, 2011, at 09:40 AM