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Hardened ink (固形墨, こけいぼく, kokeiboku)

One of two forms of modern ink. Hardened ink is made of soot of various origins, animal glue and perfumes (preservatives). It is said that the best quality ink is hardened, made of pine soot (松煙墨, しょうえん ぼく, shōen boku), young deer horn glue and preserving perfume. Pine soot ink is usually more expensive and rather troublesome to manufacture, and so cheaper ink made of oil lampblack (油煙墨, ゆえん ぼく, yuen boku) is more common today. The cheapest ink is produced out of petroleum oil and should be avoided, for it is of inferior quality and lacks purity. The other form of ink is liquid, and is called bokujū (墨汁, ぼくじゅう, lit. “liquid ink”).

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