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Gyakunyū heishutsu (逆入平出, ぎゃくにゅう へいしゅつ)

A brush technique, used in reisho (隷書, れいしょ, i.e. “clerical script”). 逆入平出 stands for “reverse entry, calm exit”. Simply, the brush reverses before it proceeds in the direction of each stroke, regardless of its length or orientation. It introduces a certain rhythm to writing, evident in the specific appearance of the characters. It is also in accordance with natural forces, where there is no action without reaction. One needs to crouch before a jump to make it effective and graceful. 逆入平出 is clearly noticeable in the characteristic strokes known only in clerical style, referred to as “silkworm head” and “goose tail” (蠶頭雁尾, さんとう がんお, santō gan-o). Please read more about clerical script here.

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Page last modified on October 24, 2011, at 07:36 AM