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Golden Dao Sword (金刀, きんとう, kintō)

One of eight basic strokes in standard script (楷書, かいしょ, kaisho), that are also known as “The Eight Principles of The Character ”永” (えい, i.e. “eternity”); in Japanese: 永字八法 (えいじはっぽう, eiji happō). It is also referred to as “taku” (磔, たく, i.e. dismemberment). “Taku” is supposed to embody the shape of a Dao sword and in particular its characteristic triangular blade. Together with the “iron pole” (鉄柱, てっちゅう, tetchū) and “oddly shaped stone” (怪石, かいせき, kaiseki) strokes (which are other two of the eiji happou), “taku” is extremely difficult to execute, while emphasizing the energy and expressiveness of a given character (漢字, かんじ, kanji). Golden Dao Sword is a finishing sweeping stroke. Please click here to read more about standard script.

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