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Enpitsu (円筆, えんぴつ, i.e. “round brush”)

Enpitsu literally means “round brush”. It is one of the methods of operating a calligraphy brush, as well as calligraphy written in such a manner. Characteristic features of enpitsu are gentle curves and supple, calm lines. To achieve such an effect, one needs to hold a calligraphy brush at a 90 degree angle to the paper, which will allow for running the brush tip in the centre of the stroke, regardless of whether it is a straight or curved line. Enpitsu introduces calmness and harmony into calligraphy, as well as allows for displaying one’s skill. Enpitsu usually involves other brush techniques such as 逆入平出 (ぎゃくにゅう へいしゅつ, gyakunyū heishutsu).

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