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Duan inkstone (端硯, Chinese: Duān yàn)

Mini2:d8_duan_inkstone.jpg"Duan inkstone (端硯) : | Beautifully carved Duan inkstone (端硯, Chinese: Duān yàn) with dragon motif, and natural stone design patterns."

Duan inkstones come from Guandong province (広東省) in China. They are the best available. Duan inkstones are made of volcanic tuff that is richly interwoven with natural markings that are brilliantly utilized by skilled inkstones makers during carving. The quality of the polishing surface is superb and aesthetic values are remarkable. Consequently, the price of Duan inkstone is relatively high, and can easily exceed $35000 USD for a new stone, and up to a few million dollars for an antique one. Please click here to read more about inkstones, which are one of the Four Treasures of the Study.

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