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Dragon bone (龍骨, Chinese: lóng gǔ)

Mini2:d7_dragon_bone.jpg"Dragon bone (龍骨): | Fragment of a dragon bone (龍骨, lóng gǔ) with a short text incised in oracle bone script (甲骨文, こうこつぶん, kōkotsubun)."

Dragon bone was an ancient Chinese medicinal ingredient. Its use accidentally led to the discovery of oracle bone script (甲骨文, こうこつぶん, kōkotsubun) in 1899 by 王懿榮 (Chinese: Wáng Yíròng, 1845 - 1900), an official from Beijing, who fell ill. A doctor prescribed him a medicine of which one of the ingredients was a “dragon bone”. The piece of bone he had purchased from a traditional pharmacy was covered in ancient carvings resembling Chinese characters. Being a man of science it intrigued him and eventually led to a great discovery in a small village just outside Anyang (安陽), Henan Province (河南省).

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