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“Diagram of the Brush Battle” (筆陣圖, Chinese reading: Bǐ zhèn tú)

Mini2:d3_brush_battle.jpg"Diagram of the Brush Battle” (筆陣圖, Chinese reading: Bi Zhen Tu): | “Diagram of the Brush Battle” (筆陣圖, Chinese reading: Bǐ zhèn tú) – fragment of the text. "

One of the theories of calligraphy; it was developed by the great calligraphy theoretician 衛夫人 (Wèi fū ren (Madam Wei), 272 – 349) of the Eastern Jin dynasty (東晉, 317–420). In her debate, she compared writing calligraphy to leading a battle, where the paper is a battlefield, the brush is a weapon, the ink is ammunition, and the ink slab is a castle with a moat (dissolved ink) and defensive walls. She concluded that if the battlefield is not suitable for the engagement, the outcome will be rather disappointing. In other words, for studying calligraphy all tools need to be in harmony and of a uniform quality.

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