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Damaidi carvings (大麥地刻, Chinese: Dà mài dì kè)

Mini2:d2_rock_carvings_in_damaidi.jpg"Damaidi carvings (大麥地刻) | Daimaidi rock carvings (大麥地刻, Chinese: Dà mài dì kè); hunting scene, 7000 - 32.000 B.C., central China."

Zoomorphic carvings discovered In 1988 that were incised into rocky cliffs of Beishan Mountain in Damaidi area, Zhongwei (中衛) a prefecture-level city of China. The oldest of them were created twenty to thirty thousand years ago, whilst the latest ones around six to seven thousand, during the New Stone Age era. They mainly depict images of animals such as tigers, dogs, horses, sheep, but also scenes from life, like weddings or other ceremonies and events. Daimaidi carvings are the oldest creations of human artistic imagination and thought ever discovered in China. To read more about the history of Chinese writing system please click here.

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