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Coloured ink (色墨, しょくぼく, shokuboku).

Mini2:c13_coloured_ink.jpg"Coloured ink : | Gold coloured ink (金墨), used mainly for writing calligraphy on a red paper, used on special occasions such as Chinese New Year."

Non-black ink. There are many variations of ink stick colours for various purposes. For instance 金墨 (きんぼく, kinboku, i.e. “gold ink”) is used during Chinese New Year to write on red paper. 銀墨 (ぎんぼく, ginboku, i.e “silver ink”) is often appreciated by those who copy Buddhist sutras (写経, しゃきょう, shakyō). It goes beautifully with dark blue paper. 朱墨 (しゅぼく, shuboku, i.e. “red ink”) is used by teachers to correct students work or to write 手本 (てほん, tehon, i.e. “teacher’s example to follow”). Red ink is also often used to write on stones prior to carving(this was its original purpose). 茶墨 (ちゃぼく, chaboku, i.e. “tea ink”) is widely accepted by Japanese kana calligraphers, for its delicate and soothing shading. Other ink types popular in calligraphy are青墨 (せいぼく, seiboku, i.e. “green (blue-green) ink”) and 紫墨 (しぼく, shiboku, i.e “purple ink; in fact it is purple-black”).

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