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Cloud paper (雲紙, くもがみ, kumogami)

Mini2:c12_cloud_paper.jpg"Cloud paper: | Cloud paper (雲紙) with fragment of poem written by the Emperor Fushimi (伏見天皇, ふしみてんのう, 1265 – 1317), based on 拾遺和歌集 (しゅうい わかしゅう, Shūi wakashū, i.e. “Collection of Japanese Gleaning Poems”) that was compiled in early 10th century C.E. "

It is a type of Japanese coloured paper (色紙, いろがみ, irogami) used for calligraphy with patterns in the form of clouds, usually blue-green at the top and purple at the bottom. Mainly used for writing kana (かな). Please click here to read more about calligraphy paper.

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