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Chōchūten (鳥蟲篆, ちょうちゅうてん)

Mini2:c9_chouchuuten.jpg"Chouchuuten: | Fragment of inscription on King Gou Jian’s Sword (越王勾踐劍) – “For King of Yue, Gou Jian, for personal use”, celestial bird script (a variation of鳥蟲篆), late Spring and Autumn period, early 5th century B.C., National Historical Museum, Beijing. "

One of the most decorative and also difficult to decipher forms of great seal script (大篆, だいてん, daiten) from the Spring and Autumn period (春秋時代, 722 – 476 B.C.). It is known as bird-worm script and it was used in connection with occultistic beliefs of the ancient Chinese people. Zoomorphic motives were inspired by nature, strictly speaking, the swamps and wetlands surrounding human dwellings along Yellow River. They were used mainly on weapons, musical instruments or bronze vessels. One of the most famous chōhūten forms (celestial bird script) can be observed on King Gou Jian’s Sword (越王勾踐劍, Chinese: Yuè Wáng Gōu Jiàn) inscription, from the early 5th century B.C. Please refer to the seal script (篆書, てんしょ, tensho) section on our website to read more about it.

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