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Chengni Clay Inkstone (澄泥硯, Chinese: Chéng ní yàn)

Mini2:c6_chengni_inkstone"Chengni Inkstone: | Carved Chengni Clay Inkstone (澄泥硯, Chinese: Chéng ní yàn), with beautiful natural yellow silt patterns. "

Chengni inkstone from Shandong province (山東省) is one of the four most valued inkstones in China. It is not carved but crafted out of silt (filtered from mud) collected from the Yellow River. The silt is then mixed with other ingredients, formed, dried, inscribed and burnt in a furnace. It not only produces very fine ink but also has great ornamental value (it is often beautifully carved). The origins of Chengni inkstone reach as far back as the Tang dynasty (唐朝, 618 – 907 A.D.).

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