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Chaboku (茶墨, ちゃぼく, lit. “tea (colour) ink”)

Mini2:c4_chaboku.jpg"Chaboku: | Two sticks of tea colour (茶墨) “Auspicious Dragon Ink”瑞龍墨 (ずいりゅうぼく, zui ryū boku, i.e.). "

There are four main colours of traditional ink (made of soot): black (黒, こく, koku)、 blue (青, せい, sei), violet (紫, し, shi), and tea colour, i.e. light brown (茶, ちゃ, cha). Chaboku is made of oil lamp soot (vegetable or mineral based) burned at very high temperature to produce very small soot particles. For cheap (low quality) chaboku, artificial pigments are used instead.

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Page last modified on December 27, 2011, at 10:45 AM