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Cao Wei dynasty (曹魏, 220 - 265 C.E.)

Mini2:c3_cao_wei_dynasty_of_china_map_2.jpg"Cao Wei dynasty: | Cao Wei dynasty of China (曹魏, 220 - 265 C.E.) during the Three Kingdoms Period (三國時代, 220 - 280 C.E.). Map created and copyright (2004) by Yu Ninjie. "

According to legend, it is said that during that time a minister of the Cao Wei dynasty (曹魏, 220 -265 C.E.) named 鍾繇 (Chinese: Zōng Yáo, 151-230 C.E.), after years devoted to perfecting his brush techniques deeply influenced by a book written by 蔡邕 (Chinese: Cài Yōng, 133-192 C.E.), entitled “Nine Forces Essay” (九勢, Chinese: Jiū shì), created the standard script (楷書, かいしょ, kaisho).

However, based on recent archaeological data, the earliest records of pre-kaisho were found on bamboo books (木簡, mokkan) from 170 B.C., unearthed in 1972 in Hunan province (湖南省). This proves that standard script already appeared in the early years of the Han dynasty (漢朝, 206 B.C. – 220 A.D.).

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