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Calligraphy sage (書聖, しょせい, shosei)

Mini2:c1_wang_xhizhi.jpg"Calligraphy sage: | “The sage of calligraphy” (書聖, Chinese: Shū shèng) 王羲之 (Wáng Xīzhī, 303–361) of the Jin dynasty (晉朝, 265 – 420 C.E.)."

Honorific title often used to describe the great calligrapher of the Jin dynasty (晉朝, 265–420) –王羲之 (Wáng Xīzhī, 303 – 361), who is considered to be the greatest calligrapher of all time.

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Page last modified on December 27, 2011, at 09:30 AM