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Bokuseki (墨蹟, ぼくせき, “traces of ink”)

Mini2:b7_bokuseki.jpg"Bokuseki: | Circle ensō (円相, えんそう, i.e. “Zen circle of one’s energy”) and a poem by Zen monk Hakuin Ekaku (白隠 慧鶴, はくいん えかく, 1686 - 1768), mid Edo period (江戸時代, えどじだい, 1603 - 1868), early 18th century C.E., currently in Eisei Bunko Museum (永青文庫, えいせいぶんこ), Tokyo."

Bokuseki is a calligraphy style or abstract calligraphic “ink painting” developed by Japanese Zen Buddhist monks. Not always technically correct (from the point of view of Chinese classical calligraphy scholars), however extremely expressive and raw. Zen calligraphy is created by monks in a meditative state, completely detached from reality (a state known as 無心, むしん, mushin). One of the examples of bokuseki calligraphy is a famous energy circle of self, called “ensō” (円相、えんそう) in Japanese.

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