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Bokujū (墨汁, ぼくじゅう, i.e. “liquid ink”)

Mini2:b6_bokuju.jpg"Bokuju: | High quality Japanese liquid ink, 金石 (きんせき, kinseki, i.e. “epigraph”)"

Ready-made, chemically enhanced ink in a liquid form. It is often used by beginners and children, as well as artists who undertake huge calligraphic projects, but mainly for training and studying purposes. Various types were developed. Due to the deeply spiritual nature of calligraphy, serious artists never use bokujū out of respect for this remarkable art. From a technical point of view, the main drawback of ready-made ink is the fact that its thickness and consistency cannot be easily controlled, contrary to as it happens when grinding a hardened inkstick. Bokujū is not very durable, and it may peel off or crack few years after writing, whereas the traditionally prepared ink will last for millennia.

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Page last modified on November 01, 2011, at 09:22 AM