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Banpo village (半坡, Chinese: Bàn pō)

Mini2:b2_banpo_village.jpg"Banpo Village: | "

An archeological site located in the Yellow River (黄河) valley, discovered in 1953. It is associated with Neolithic Yangshao culture (仰韶文化, Chinese: Yāng sháo wén huà, 5000-3000 B.C.), discovered in 1921 by a Swedish archeologist Johan Gunnar Anderson and his team. Markings on pottery unearthed in Banpo revolutionized dating of origins of Chinese writing (although scientific speculations go on), pushing it back in time by around 3000 years (5000 - 4500 B.C.). If we agree that those markings are indeed the cradle of Chinese characters, it would mean that the history of Chinese writing (hence calligraphy in a very broad sense) is at least 7000 years old, 1500 years more than the most ancient written language on Earth – Sumerian cuneiform, dated 3500 B.C.

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