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Avant-garde Calligraphy (前衛書道, ぜんえい しょどう, zenei shodō)

Mini2:a6_avant-garde_calligraphy.jpg"Avant-garde calligraphy: | 電 (でん, den, i.e. “electricity”), avant-garde calligraphy by Hidai Nankoku (比田井南谷、1912 – 1999)."

A modern trend in calligraphy initiated by Grand Master Hidai Tenrai (比田井 天来, ひだい てんらい, 1872 – 1939), who is known as “the father of modern calligraphy” (現代書道の父, げんだいしょどうのちち, “gendai shodō no chichi”), and then continued by his followers (especially by his son Hidai Nankoku (比田井 南谷, ひだい なんこ,1912 - 1999. The idea of avant-garde calligraphy is to deviate from the traditional approach to writing and undertake much more free and unrestrained ways of expressing oneself through creating an “image of ink” (墨象, ぼくしょう, bokushō), which flirts with both writing and painting. Avant-garde calligraphy focuses on the arrangement of white space and the highly abstract nature of brush strokes. Avant-garde calligraphy inspired not only calligraphers in China, but also famous artists in the western part of the world. Avant-garde calligraphy is a member of the wayō shodō (和様書道, わようしょどう, i.e. "Japanese style calligraphy") trend. To read more about avant-garde calligraphy, please click here.

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