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Anyang (安陽, Chinese: An yáng)

Mini2:a4_anyang_map.jpg"Anyang: | Anyang (安陽), a prefecture-level city in Henan province (河南省)."

Anyang is a prefecture-level city in Henan province (河南省), located in eastern China, where in 1899, in a small village just outside the city, oracle bone script (甲骨文, こうこつぶん, kōkotsubun) incised bones and turtle plastrons were discovered. It was a truly remarkable day for the history of calligraphy. To this point, around 150,000 bones have been unearthed, with texts inscribed on them in some 4700 characters, out of which 2000 were successfully deciphered, and have revealed not only many previously unknown secrets of Shang society, but also helped with completing etymological records of many Chinese characters, and vastly contributed to the development of calligraphic knowledge.

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