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Anhui province (安徽省、Chinese: An huī shěng)

Mini2:a3_anhui_province_map.jpg"Anhui province: | Anhui province (安徽省) map with the legendary capital city of Bo (亳). "

Without a doubt, Anhui province is one of the most crucial areas in China, for the development of the calligraphic arts. It is located in eastern China across the basins of the Yangtze (長江) and Huai (淮河) rivers. Anhui is a “capital” of Xuan paper (宣紙, Chinese: Xuān zhǐ) – the most desired paper for calligraphy worldwide, famous Anhui inkstick (徽墨, Chinese: Huī mò) – the best quality ink made in China, and She inkstone (歙硯, Chinese: Shè yàn) – superior quality ink stone, rivalled only by Duan inkstone (端硯, Chinese: Duān yàn) from Guandong province (広東省), which is considered to be of the highest quality in the whole country, and, consequently, worldwide.

Anhui province is also said to be the land of the capital city Bo (亳、Chinese: Bó), established by legendary founder of the Shang dynasty (商朝, 1600 – 1046 B.C.), the king Tang of Shang (商湯, Chinese: Shāng Tāng), which was a crucial period in the history of calligraphic art in China. Bo was located in the vicinity of today’s Bozhou (亳州, Chinese: Bó zhōu), in the northern part of Anhui province.

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