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Aged Ink

Mini2:a1_aged_ink.jpg"Aged Ink: | 歡合 (Chinese: huān hé, i.e.“joyful tune”, though other translations are possible). Round shape aged pine soot based ink from Qing dynasty period (清朝, 1644 - 1912). Good quality ink usually comes in protective box made of Paulownia tree (桐箱, きりばこ, kiribako), to keep it moist and dust free."

In Japanese: koboku (古墨, こぼく), an ink stick used for calligraphy, that was manufactured during Qing Dynasty (清朝, 1644 – 1912) and Edo Period (江戸時代, えどじだい, 1603 - 1868), in China and Japan respectively. Well maintained aged ink is considered to have superior quality for creating a beautiful line and unmatchable blur effects, which define the ethereal beauty of calligraphy. Aged ink can be extremely expensive, easily reaching a few thousand dollars. Click here to here more about ink.

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Page last modified on December 12, 2011, at 05:54 AM