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Washi (和紙, わし, i.e. “Japanese paper”)

Japanese paper, used for calligraphy, but also for other purposes, such as in construction (障子, しょうじ, shōji, i.e. “paper sliding door”), origami (折り紙, おりがみ, i.e. “art of folding paper”), etc. Washi has slightly different characteristics to Xuan paper (宣紙, Chinese: Xuān zhǐ), the most famous Chinese calligraphy paper, as it is produced from different plant fiber and using different water. Washi, due to its low blurring ability, which is essential to the art of calligraphy, is mainly used for Japanese kana script (かな). It can be lavishly decorated with paintings, drawings, gold flakes, silver dust, etc. A sheet of hand-made washi can reach very high prices, reaching $200 USD per A3 size sheet, or even more. Also see “shikishi” (色紙, しきし, lit. ”coloured paper”). To read more about calligraphy paper types, please click here.

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Page last modified on November 15, 2011, at 06:11 AM